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Personalised! Personalised! Personalised!

Knowing what you want doesn't always make life easier. I was looking for someone who could make sweet little cakes for our big 30th birthday party. We were looking for something that suited all three birthday girl´s tastes, something matching the party theme and decorations as well as being affordable. Most bakers wanted to sell me their classic products, traditional, good quality but no twists or surprises, just the usual. I decided I wanted more, something new, something made just for us. I decided to try myself and started baking... loving every minute of it.

So if you're out there looking for something different, maybe home-made, not too big but full of fun and character or just a place where you can choose the details tailored according to your needs, then I would like to help create your own personalised little treat.


The glamorous lives of top modelling "little cakes" can be seen on Snapshots. Please enjoy them, be inspired and just let yourself smile.